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December 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
Having trouble finding the right gift for that special gun/gal in your life? Look no further then West Coast Armory!
The FN M249S is the civilian version of the government issued M249 SAW and is available to purchase at our Bellevue location.
S&W M&P 2.0
The the new and improved M&P Mod 2.0 brought to you by Smith and Wesson.
Brugger & Thomet now at West Coast Armory
West Coast Armory is proud to announce that we are now Master Dealers for Brugger & Thomet. Check out our selection of civilian firearms at great prices!
The New Colt 6960 Colt Combat Unit Carbine
The Colt M4 continues to be the platform of choice amongst Military, Law Enforcement, and firearms enthusiasts alike. Now Colt is offering yet another option for enthusiasts looking for that robust and well-fielded platform – the Colt Combat Unit™ carbine, featuring Colt’s new mid-length gas system.
CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol
Finally available for public consumption is the much anticipated Scorpion sub-gun. Imported as a pistol, it is a blowback-operated semi-auto in 9mm with a short 7¾” barrel.
Sig Sauer P320 RX
The full meal deal. The Sig Sauer P320 RX is ready to run straight out of the box. Sold stock with the proprietary Sig Sauer Romeo 01 Reflex Sight and supressor height co-witness sights, all in a lightweight package that won't break the bank.  
Five AR-15s for Under a Thousand Bucks
Check out our selection of AR 15s that won't break the bank!
The Springfield Armory Saint
"Like those who are unapologetic about protecting their legacy, the SAINTâ„¢ makes no compromises when it comes to features, engineering, and operator experience.  As the ultimate refinement of the AR-15 form, the SAINTâ„¢ combines innovations like the Accu-Tite receiver mating system with the relentless execution of core features." - Sprinfield Armory
The ALL NEW Walther Creed
The Creed is Walther Arms' latest release, and one of the newest handgun series to hit our shelves
Bergera Premier Series LRP
Customization isn't for everyone, but custom quality should be. The Premier Series LRP delivers just that!
Walther PPS M2
The Walther PPS was originally introduced at the start of the compact single-stack, striker-fired pistol craze, and now, 9 years later, they've made some improvements.
SIG-SD SRD22 Silencer
Signature Reduction. The SIG Way.
10mm Sig Sauer P220R5 Stainless and Nitron
I have told a few clients that they need two guns, because they have two hands. I stand by that statement and present to you two Sig Sauer P220R5 pistols chambered in 10mm; one black and one stainless.
Ruger 77/44 - Bolt Action .44 Magnum Rifle
The Ruger 77/44 a bolt action chambered in .44 Magnum, the caliber that made the "Most powerful handgun in the world".
CMP U.S. Rifle M1 Garand: A Rare Beauty
General George Patton famously described the M1 rifle as, “the greatest battle implement ever devised.” 
30th Anniversary Beretta M9 Limited Edition
The Beretta M9 is celebrating 30 years of service, and what better way than with a limited edition pistol.
Ballistic Advantage Barrels
Ballistic Advantage barrels are now available at West Coast Armory, and they are BA.
Glock 43 - Exactly What You Expect
Glock fan's prayers have been answered as Glock has finally released a single stack 9mm to their lineup.
WCA Bellande Custom 1911
With hours of work, each WCA Custom 1911 is designed from the ground up.
Kimber Custom Pro Carry
A charcoal blued, bone gripped 1911 for a truly classic look.
Daniel Defense DDM4 V11 SLW Exclusive
This exclusive lightweight rifle from Daniel Defense sets an unfair weight standard for the avareage rifle to follow.
Zev Glockworx 17 Dragonfly
The Zev Dragonfly build to shoot fast and accurate.
Ruger Revolvers, Built on Ruger Reliability
For accurate, easy to carry, and reliable revolvers, look no further than Ruger.
Smith and Wesson 986 Pro Series
Wheel guns are real guns.
Smith and Wesson M686 Performance Center
7 Rounds of hand crafted magnum performance.
The All New LWRC Xiphos SBR PDW
The most anticipated SBR, the LWRC PDW is now available at West Coast Armory.
All New Nighthawk Custom Night Owl
We received one of the Night Owls released before Shot Show, and I am impressed.
The New Springfield XD Mod.2
The new Springfield XD Mod.2 with new "GripZone" technology, has new frame contours and a modified slide to improve the functionality of the XD as a concealed carry pistol.
Great Selection of Ruger 10/22s Available
The Ruger 10/22 is by far the most popular and loved semi-automatic .22LR rifle in existence.  As an industry standard, it has hundreds of modifications available for it. With everything from the the latest NRA and 50th Anniversary patterns to the classic wood and everything in between, West Coast Armory is your source for the best .22LR rifle in the world.
Sig 320 Vs. HK VP9
With two of the biggest names in firearms releasing striker fired models, we had to sit down and compare both of them, and really determine if these are worthwhile upgrades, or just half hearted entries into the striker fired market.
Colt LE901 Now With Magwell Adapter
Designed by one of the most famous American arms manufacturers of all time, the Colt Modular Carbine, Model 901 allows users to shoot 5.56 and 7.62 NATO upper receivers on the same lower, and now it comes from factory with the magazine well adapter block.
Comp-Tac Holsters Now In Stock
When it comes to carrying your firearm, which holster should you use. We just received our initial order for Comp-Tac holsters, openning up a whole new line of comfort and competition holsters for you needs.
Glock G42 - Ultimate Reliability Meets Concealed Carry
The term "Baby Glock" is about to be redefined with the new G42 taking the stage as the smallest in Glock's legendary lineup.
Sig Sauer 716 3 Gun
Previously thought to be extinct, the Sig Sauer 716 Precision has been upgraded, modified and released as the Sig Sauer 716 3 Gun available at West Coast Armory.
LWRC M6 IC SPR 14.7"
LWRC makes some of the best rifles that adorne my wall and the M6-IC-SPR is among the best.
Ruger American Rimfire - Bolt Action, Box Fed
A new challenger approaches as Ruger brings out their brand new Rimfire American rifle.
Lantac USA Dragon DGN556B
In the desire for more muzzle control, men have sought out bigger and better muzzle brakes. The consequence of this is a deafening roar that is an annoyance to all shooters around and a flash that will remove everything from your vision. In this arena men attempted to combine the flash hiders and muzzle brakes to a degree of success. However they were unable to completely remove the climb of the rifle. Some men decided to rise up and design a muzzle brake that would remove the concussive blast and redirect the flame so as to stay on target and not annoy every person in the vicinity.
Colt XSP Polymer Carry Pistol
Colt trots out the pocket pony once again, but this time she's lighter than ever.
HK45C, MK24 Socom
Some pistols tell you they are awesome, others simply are.
Arsenal SAM7SF, Side folding milled AK
Some AK rifles are designed to be buried, others need to be displayed.
The Walther PPQ M2 Navy
The pistol that shoots even when submerged!
PWS MK216 The AK of AR-10s
The reliability of the AK meets the acccuracy of the AR in this piston driven hybrid.
FNH FNX-45 Tactical
The FNP-45 Tactical astounded us with its 15 round capacity, pre-milled slide, raised night sights and threaded barrel. Originally designed for the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program, the FNP-45 was a great pistol. Then she disappeared. For months we had clients asking us when we would see the FNP-45 again, but to no avail. Then the announcement came that we would not see the FNP-45 again, but the newly designed FNX-45 Tactical was on the way.
The DoubleTap™
Parallax Tactical Rails: Lightweight and Effective IN STOCK
Looking for a lightweight rail system that is comfortable to hold and use? The new Parallax Tactical rail combines a thin easy to hold design with all the rail space you need and the ability to adapt to your needs.
Silencerco Sparrow: Rental Range, Extreme Volume Torture Test
What happens when you put 20,000 rounds through a range rental suppressor?  In the case of well designed and well built Silencerco Sparrow: nothing but reliable operation!
Desert Eagle... 1911?
Finally a 1911 that offers accuracy and extremely tight tolerences for a price that just can not be beat.
The Best Flash Compensator
If you want to remove your flash, get a flash hider; f you want to remove your recoil, get a muzzle brake. Anything that claims to do both does nothing well, or does it? With all the new muzzle device designs have they finally found a way to do both without it becoming a terrible compromise. It is time to take them to the range and do a serious test.
Colt LE 901 Battle Rifle: Maximum versatility!
Designed by one of the most famous American arms manufacturers of all time, the Colt Modular Carbine, Model 901 allows users to shoot 5.56 and 7.62 NATO upper receivers on the same lower!
KAC SR-15 E1: A new version of the modern classic!
The Knight's Armament SR-15 rifle is well known for being one of the most well thought out and engineered AR-15 style rifles on the market.  With a newly designed bolt, tuned gas system, and a innovative and light weight rail system, the SR-15 was one of the greatest rifles in recent memory.  Does the SR-15E3 live up to the reputation established by the Mod 0?
Colt 6920: Civilian variant of the M4 Carbine
The Colt 6920 is made on the same production line as the nation's military and law enforcement rifles of choice
The BEST Gun in the World!
In the role of a “tool,” in preparation for any survival duties it is intended to perform, a WASR 10 is basic; an industrial black finish and rough wood grips bring to mind Iron clad ideologies of those for whom this rifle was originally intended. A WASR is cheap; Just over $500 will land you the rifle. Included are typically 3 mags, bayonet, sling and an oil bottle so its well-appointed and, being an AK, it is reliable. For just a couple hundred dollars in ammunition you will have constructed the perfect firearm survival pack.
Sig Sauer 938 Micro 9mm Pistol
Capitalizing on the success of the Sig P238 .380 caliber pocket pistol, Sig introduces it's new 9mm chambered P938 to take on the micro 9mm pistol market!
Kimber Solo: Pocket carry 9mm from a famed 1911 company
The Kimber Solo is one of the most awaited handguns from this past year!  It's newest addition to the current trend of "pocket pistol" defensive weapons.
Colt Competition Rifle: Out of the box 3-gun Superstar!
While equipment can never replace skill, superior equipment will always yield superior performance across the skill spectrum.  This rifle comes straight from Colt ready to dominate the competition shooting scene in 3-gun, and rifle matches!
Limited Edition AK106-UR: Excellent Build Project
Chambered in 5.56 NATO, this unusual rifle in look and function serves as an excellent project foundation
LMT Complete Lower Receivers: Amazing Performance at an awesome price!
Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT) is one of the most trusted names in the M-16/AR-15 business, having long worked with the armed forces to supply combat sights, MK18 uppers, and 40mm grenade launchers.  LMT also offers great civilian versions of their legendary weapon systems, and this complete lower does not dissapoint!
Knights Armament Corporation SR-15: A battle proven design gets major upgrades!
The Knight's Armament Corporation SR-15 carbines feature some of the most advanced designs and materials ever used on an AR-15 style rifle, as well as a slew of upgrades!
Ruger SR22 Simple, Reliable, Comfortable
The SR22 is the newest .22LR from Ruger. It is instantly familiar to anyone who has held a Walther P22, but the SR22 stands tall where the P22 falls short. The small SR22 has a true full size feel, the thumb safety is easy to operate, the trigger behaves like DA/SA should, and thanks to the interchangeable grips; my large hands fit the piece nicely. The fized barrel keeps it very accurate, and it feeds all ammo with very few complaints.
AAC Pilot 2 Best Suppressor Under $400
Advanced Armament Corps. is the current leader in suppression technology. With their unique designs and quick attach mounts they are the sought after suppressors for any for any firearm.
FNS: Awesome new striker fired, polymer pistol from FNH
One of the oldest arms manufacturers on the planet, Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal, or FNH has designed and released a polymer striker fired pistol which features almost all the strengths, and none of the weaknesses of other competing designs on the market!
SureFire P2X Fury
The new SureFire P2X Fury can produce up to 500 lumens and has a dual-output system that makes it a practical tactical light for anyone!
FN Herstal Five-seveN
The FN Herstal Five-seveN is a inventive firearm that shoots a unique round.  FN’s 5.7 x 28mm round was initially designed for NATO to replace the 9x19 Parabellum catridge with a round that had greater range, accuracy and terminal performance than the 9x19 and could also penetrate body armor. To match this round FN Herstal developed the P90 personal defensive weapon and the Five-seveN pistol.
FN Herstal SCAR-16 Rental Gun
West Coast Armory's rental SCAR-16 Lite has seen 20,000 rounds of hard use with few stoppages and no breakages.
Sig P210 Legend: As good as the original?
Hitstory of the SIG P210: In 1935 the Swiss Army set out to the replace the aging Luger Parabellum 06/29, which had been in service since 1900. After several trials they decided to base the design on Charles Petter's Modèle 1935 pistol. In 1937 SIG acquired a license for Petter's system in order to develop a replacement for the aging Luger and After testing various experimental models, the P210 entered service in 1949 with the Swiss army. Not long after that it became known as the worlds most accurate production semi-auto pistol.
Springfield Armory XDM 5.25
Now available for rent at West Coast Armory's Indoor Range the Springfield Armory XDM 5.25 is Springfield Armory's response to the growing competition market.
International Challenge
West Coast Armory’s Indoor Range, Bellevue Gun Club, allows international visitors an opportunity to shoot rental firearms through our “International Challenge” competition.With purchase of a one day lane fee, international visitors are invited to the range for a small competition using any of our rental guns and unlimited practice time!
Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Hearing Protection
The Peltor Tacsport Tactical Sport headset offers versatile electronic hearing protection, ideal for use on the shooting range!
Training with 20 year Special Operations Vet, Larry Vickers
A West Coast Armory employee goes to train with one of the country's top tactical instructors
Trijicon RMR Sights
AAC 300 Blackout Cartridge
AAC brings a wildcat concept into the mainstream
AAC M4-2000 rifle suppressor
The AAC M4-2000 is one of the most popular rifle silencers on the market for a reason!
AR-15 Parts: Are yours anodized correctly?
Anodizing is a crucial, but often overlooked process for AR-15 components


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