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Date Posted: May 15, 2012
LMT Complete Lower Receivers: Amazing Performance at an awesome price!
Roy Lin
Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT) is one of the most trusted names in the M-16/AR-15 business, having long worked with the armed forces to supply combat sights, MK18 uppers, and 40mm grenade launchers.  LMT also offers great civilian versions of their legendary weapon systems, and this complete lower does not dissapoint!

LMT is one of the most trusted names in the military style weapon business, held in the same high regard as Colt, and BCM for producing the finest quality general use weapons.  Aside from some unique production processes they use on their complete rifles and uppers (cryo treatment of barrels, streamlining of production process, etc), their lower receivers are top notch!

West Coast Armory and LMT has long enjoyed a friendly relationship, and despite the current buying enviroment, we were able to secure a large number of complete lower receivers from LMT featuring some truly awesome features.

The first, and most noticable improvement in these 2012 lowers is the 2 stage trigger.  LMT has truly out done themselves with their newly revised 2 stage trigger design.  Similar to a Geiselle SSA, it offers the same superior performance and durability of the SSA, but with a superior reset which allows for crisp follow up shots.  This two stage trigger ranks amongst the best we've ever seen on an AR-15 style rifle... and this one is included free of charge despite being comparable to $180-$250 triggers!

The lower receiver itself is made to the highest standards with quality aluminum, deep, MIL-SPEC hard coat anodizing, and even, dark finish one would expect from a high quality military grade lower receiver.  This receiver could easily serve as a heirloom to be passed down through the generations.

This lower also features a number of nice finishing touches:


  • A genuine SOPMOD stock which are favored for precision (MK-12 SPR style builds) and combat (Mk-18 and M4 style builds) rifles alike, and commonly seen on USN SEAL and USMC/Army Special Operations Forces soldier's rifles
  • Ergo grip, low profile, ergonomic grip 
  • Quick Detach Sling Swivel
  • Ambidextrour safety selector
  • In-house manufactured internal parts:  complete quality control from start to finish


If you are in the market for a high quality AR-15 lower receiver that will last through the ages and never be something you have to upgrade this lower receiver is the deal of the century.  We have a bunch in stock right now, but supplies are limited, especially at the price we are offering them at!  We have these premium lowers in stock for $599.  The only real conceivable upgrades that would be possible on these lowers is an improved trigger guard ($10-$30) or a heavier buffer ($20-$60) if you required it.  Otherwise, these are premium, complete lower receivers ready for your complete uppers!



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