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Date Posted: December 12, 2017
December 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
Devin Gude
Having trouble finding the right gift for that special gun/gal in your life? Look no further then West Coast Armory!

It can be very hard to shop for somebody especially for those into firearms. If you are stumped on what to buy, check out some of the items on this list. These items can all be purchased in the store

Gift Cards 

  • We have gift cards available for both our pro-shop and shooting range, you can purchase one online by following the link below or you can do so in person.


Hearing Protection

  • 3M Peltor Tactical Sport 500 Bluetooth ready ear-pro = $174.99
  • 3m Peltor tactical sport 100 electronic ear-pro = $99.99
  • 3M Ultimate sport standard ear protection = $23.99

Hearing protection is important for anyone who shoots. Listed are a few of our favorites from various price ranges. 


  • Ammunition makes a great gift, especially if your friends or loved one shoots a lot. You can purchase a few boxes or even a large case at bulk prices. We offer a wide variety of ammunition at the store so if you are having trouble finding what you need we are always here to lend a hand. 


The type/brand of holster can vary depending on what firearm brand you are looking at. Here are a few companies to consider if you know what firearm the person may have. We have a wide selection of holsters at the store, so you can check it out before you buy. They typically cost around $50-$130 depending on manufacture. 

  • Raven Concealment
  • Tenicor
  • Kramer
  • K-Rounds
  • Comp-Tac

Extra Magazines 

Having extra magazines around is always handy. If you know what firearm to buy for, magazines make for a useful gift. 

If you are not sure what magazine to buy you could always buy something to make loading one easy. For example, the Uplula magazine loader would make a great gift/stocking stuffer. They are typically around the $20 mark. 

Cleaning supplies/Kits

Shooting a lot typically means cleaning a lot. Cleaning supplies is something that gun people always need. You could buy a few bottles of cleaner/lube or you can buy a full kit. 

  • Bore Snakes
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Blue Gun Oil
  • M-pro 7
  • CLP cleaner 


For the gun and coffee lover you can always buy a fresh bag of Black Rifle Coffee Company coffee. Our staff is crazy about this stuff. Some of the proceeds go towards police/military charity groups. Great taste for a great cause! 

Everyday Carry Gear 

  • Pocket Knives (Benchmade, Spyderco)
  • Handheld flashlights (Surefire, Streamlight)
  • Pepper Spray 

Gift buying for a gun guy/gal can be hard, hopefully we made it a little bit easier for you! We are always here to help, if you have any questions feel free to contact us or stop by the shop! 




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