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Date Posted: August 01, 2011
Centurion Arms C4 Rails and Barrels
Roy Lin
Run by an active duty SEAL, Centurion Arms is a cool little company

When it comes to small arms development, the US military is unmatched in its ability to fund testing of new technologies.  While manufacturers will frequently tout their new processes and technologies... the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

Centurion Arms is built on the experiences of an active duty Navy SEAL down in Coronado, California who aside from being an elite, professional soldier for the United States, is also something of a weapons specialist, having first hand used and tested many different types of weapons in the field and also at the range.  It is with his experience that he has developed the weapons components and accessories he sells.

Notable Centurion Arms products include their cold hammer forged, taper bored, extra thick chrome lined barrel, and their C4 rail system.  Having first hand witnessed the durability of chrome hammer forged barrels as well as their exceptional accuracy, the founder of Centurion Arms was able to get a large military contract manufacturer to produce barrels for him.  These barrels have exceptional accuracy potential, as range reports of 1 MOA or better with match grade ammunition is common.

Centurion Arms C4 rail systems are lightweight, rigid, and affordable rail systems which clamp onto stock AR-15/M-16 barrel nuts.  These rail systems are also "free floating", in that they do not contact the barrel at any point, enhancing accuracy.  Aside from standard quad rail style setups, Centurion also offers front sight base cutout rails, which increase rail real estate while still allowing use of the standard and durable M-16 style front sight.



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