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Colt LE6920R Trooper
only $799.99!
Colt LE6920R Trooper only $799.99! *Expired

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The LE6920R Trooper Patrol Carbine is one of Colt's newest additions to their AR-15 family of firearms. This is a high value option for those looking for an AR-15 pattern rifle. It is built off of their classic LE6920 series, combined with a M-Lok compatible free floated rail made by Centurion Arms. The result is a modernized carbine that"s ready for your choice of optic or iron sights. It represents an exceptional value to folks looking to get into the world of modern sporting rifles and another excellent option for enthusiasts looking to add another Colt to their collection. 

*The $799.99 price is for cash/debit/check only. Offer ends 12/1/2017 or while supplies last. 

Colt LE6920R Trooper only $799.99! *Expired
Manufacturer: Colt
Pick up a Colt LE6920 Trooper for only $799.99!
BEFORE: $1,049.99
SAVE: $250.00



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