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Frontier .223 500
round case special!
Frontier .223 500 round case special!

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.223 55gr FMJ BT

Frontier Cartridge features Hornady bullets in .223 Rem loaded by the world famous Lake City Factory - Applications range from plinking, target shooting, hunting to law enforcement training and self-defense. 

Consistency in Every Cartridge 

State-of-the-industry loading techniques and quality control procedures ensure the reliability of every Frontier Cartridge round. 

Brass Cases

In addition to Hornady bullets in a variety of offerings, Frontier Cartridge features brass cartridge cases and military-grade boxer primers and propellant. 

Frontier .223 500 round case special!
Manufacturer: Not Applicable
Frontier .223 500 round case on sale for a limited time!
BEFORE: $230.00
SAVE: $50.01



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