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Quality Firearms Training

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Private Lessons: 

Are you looking to improve your shooting capabilites in an environment that promotes accelerated skill development? Our top-notch instructors provide private lessons that will be tailored to help you reach your specific goals and take you down the path you wish to pursue. Whether you are a complete beginner, or a more advanced shooter, you will greatly benefit from the one-on-one interacation of a private lesson.

Please contact us for a free phone or email consultation with one of our instructors.

Right On Target - Entry Level Handgun: $89.95 

Learn the basic skill set necessary to load, unload and operate a handgun safely.

Right On Target - Handgun Skill Development: $125

Practice basic handgun manipulation, shooting, and accuracy. A great follow-up to our Entry Level Handgun course.  


Right On Target - Defensive Handgun 1: $225

This class lays a foundation of basic skills for concealed carry.


Right On Target - Defensive Handgun 2: $275

Intermediate training in the use of a handgun for self defense.


Right on Target - Intro to Your Carbine: $125

Learn how to strip, clean, zero and shoot your AR-15. 

Right on Target - Intro to Defensive Carbine: $250

Aggressive gun-handling skills and dynamic action during tactical deployment of the rifle. This is a fast paced, physically demanding firearms training course!

Utah/Multi State Concealed Carry Permit Class $140 $120 per student

The perfect option for anyone looking to travel this summer!



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