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 February 2020

Intro To Competitive Shooting with Christian Sailer

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Start Date:

February 15, 2020

End Date:

February 15, 2020


West Coast Armory/Bellevue Gun Club

Primary Contact:

Training Director


Event Descrition

Level 102

10:00am - 4:00pm

For shooters looking to get into competitive pistol shooting or become a better competitor. Material covered will be applicable for shooters with a good grasp on the fundamentals and are looking to become more competitive and efficient. Taught by Christian Sailer – current USPSA Open National Champion and member of the US Men’s World Championship Open Team. Learn the basics of competitive shooting and how to shoot a handgun at a high rate of speed with accuracy. This course sets the foundation for success in the shooting sports and is a great way to increase your pistol skills. Lays down the fundamentals of high-speed marksmanship and competition. Covers proper movement technique for efficient movement.



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