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 May 2019

Competition Handgun 1

Event Details

Start Date:

August 28, 2019

End Date:

August 28, 2019


West Coast Armory/Bellevue Gun Club

Primary Contact:

Training Director


Event Descrition

Level 103

8:00am - 5:00pm

One of the best ways to improve as a shooter is to compete. Competition drives innovation both in gear and in technique. Since Jeff Cooper ran his first leather slap competitions in the 1950s competition has influenced how our military and police run their handguns. This class teaches the rules common across all practical shooting sports as well as the techniques to be effective at them. One of the most important aspects of the class is teach you how to train after the class. Learn everything you need to know before you attend your first match and the skills necessary to improve you personal performance.

You are required to take Intermediate Level Handgun (Formerly Defensive Handgun 1) or an equivalent class before you take Competition Handgun 1.

Make sure to read the gear requirements before signing up.



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