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 November 2022

Carbine-Handgun Transition, Level 102

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Start Date:

November 5, 2022

End Date:

November 5, 2022


Bellevue Gun Club/ West Coast Armory

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Event Descrition

Course Summary:
This is a 8-hour course designed for experienced shooters. (Experienced means a good working knowledge of your firearms, loading, unloading, reloading and malfunction clearing of both weapon systems) we will cover transitioning from the rifle to handgun, fixing malfunctions with both weapon systems, recovering back to the rifle correctly, mindset, awareness and many other tactical considerations.

This is a physically demanding and fast-paced course. This is not a beginner’s course - students should be familiar with their equipment (holster, sling, optic, etc.) and have gun-handling skills established prior to attending this course.

Pistol-caliber carbines are allowed in this class.

Course Cost:
8 Hours - $290 per person

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