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Date Posted: July 24, 2012
Colt 6920: Civilian variant of the M4 Carbine
Roy L
The Colt 6920 is made on the same production line as the nation's military and law enforcement rifles of choice
The Colt 6920 carbine is a lightweight and powerful Military style rifle that is perfect for virtually
any Sport or Defensive situation one could imagine. Chambered in the powerful 5.56 NATO/.223
Remington caliber, the Colt M4 variant features a four position collapsible stock, M4 flash
hider, “iron sights” and a 20 round mag. For performance and accuracy a Colt carbine is a
top performer due to the uniquely simple design of this platform combined with high quality
This specially designed law enforcement weapon system features many combat proven
advantages of the military M4 (sans three round burst). With the 4-position buttstock fully
retracted, the Law Enforcement Carbine measures a compact 30 in (76.2 cm) in length and
weighs in at just 5.65 lb (2.56 kg). This super light-weight and compact size are great for carrying
the gun over long distances and in close quarters make it easy to point when milliseconds count.
Colt’s Law Enforcement Carbine is equipped standard with a step-cut barrel that allows it to
accept a grenade launcher (… and for most civilians a plethora of flare launching options). With
the dual insulated handguard standard on a 6920, your mits’ will stay comfy even with repeated
magazine dumps.
The Colt LE6920 Law Enforcement Carbine is the Tactical Operators answer to demanding
situations. Since their military contract lapsed, Colt has introduced many additional features
as options on these great weapons to meet the specific needs/desires of various individuals.
Resultantly, you win! You now get to choose whether your quality Colt will come adorned with
Magpul goodies, ANODIZED in green or tan (that’s right! A bonded finish), or if it will come
sporting a carry handle or flip-up irons. These choice options are unmatched for a gun built to
Mil-Spec standards. That’s right, even though Colt is no longer producing for our armed forces,
each gun still uses mil-spec hammer and trigger pivot pins, mil-spec barrel, mil-spec bolt carrier,
mil-spec backup iron sights and fixed front sight.
The next time you have a chance, check out a Colt 6920. Colt’s heritage is in military
arms, combined with aggressive new features presents a compelling firearm and one which will
undoubtedly serve a lifetime.



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