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Date Posted: August 07, 2012
KAC SR-15 E1: A new version of the modern classic!
Roy L
The Knight's Armament SR-15 rifle is well known for being one of the most well thought out and engineered AR-15 style rifles on the market.  With a newly designed bolt, tuned gas system, and a innovative and light weight rail system, the SR-15 was one of the greatest rifles in recent memory.  Does the SR-15E3 live up to the reputation established by the Mod 0?

Using military nomenclature, items are givind model "mark" numbers and "mod" numbers denote revision number... and this labeling style is commonly used in jokes, ie, boots are Mark 1 Mod 0 personell carriers.

 The Knight's Armament SR-15 E3 Mod 0 was designed with input from the original designer of the AR-10 and one of the original designers of the AR-15/M-16 rifle.  It utilized a number of improvements its competitors couldn't match.  Its bolt was redesigned for significantly longer life spand even with harsh, punishing use, and the Knight's URX rail system was able to be both extremely lightweight and strong by using creative design, bypassing the need for steel or titanium barrel nuts found in litterally every other rail system in existance.

The Mod 1 model of the SR-15E3 has finally hit the first dealers in America, and its a thing of beauty.  The main difference with the Mod 1 and Mod 0 models (both will remain in production) is the rail system.  The newer rail system uses a slicker, lighter design philosophy:  most of the rail real estate on a rifle is wasted anyway, why not remove the excess rail material and allow users to add rail space where neccessary?  At the muzzle end, there is still the integrally machined quad rail, but it is smooth and light along most of the rail's body.

The new URX 3.1 rail system used on the Mod 1 also about 2.5 inches longer, with a mounted flip up iron sight.  The bolt on iron sight is KAC's extremely high quality sight ($189 retail) which offers superior accuracy thanks to a thin, but well protect front sight post.  Combined with the long sight radius (distance between front and rear sight) this rifle will be one of the most accurate and fast iron sighted rifles you ever get your hands on.

Lastly, all the original benefits of the Mod 0 SR-15E3 remain.  It's got a lightweight, but ultra accurate and durable cold hammer forged barrel.  The fully ambidextrous controls (safety, mag release, bolt release) and multitude of QD sling sockets make it a flexible rifle... as well as especially alluring to lefties! Its gas block is hydraulically pressed in place just like the original for absolute reliability... but they started pinning the gas blocks on the Mod 1 just to be triple sure.  The gas system is still one of the most optimized on the market!

All in all, the KAC SR-15E3 Mod 1 is a premium AR-15 that will suit all possible needs someone requiring an AR-15 could want.  It's a premium product with a premium price point... but it is far greater than the sum of its parts!  



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