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Date Posted: September 06, 2012
Colt LE 901 Battle Rifle: Maximum versatility!
Roy L
Designed by one of the most famous American arms manufacturers of all time, the Colt Modular Carbine, Model 901 allows users to shoot 5.56 and 7.62 NATO upper receivers on the same lower!

Designed to walk the bridge between the AR-15 and AR-10 platform, the Colt LE 901 (LE = Law Enforcement, there is also a military model) is a versatile peice of modern design and engineering.

As a standalone, complete rifle, the Cold Modular Carbine is a magnificent piece of work by itself.  The rifle comes with common high end features, such as


  • A one piece upper receiver and rail combo
  • A free floating barrel, for maximum accuracy
  • Built in ambi bolt release and magazine release for left handed, and swapped shoulder shooting

The main stand out feature of this rifle though, is the future ability to drop in a magazine block and attach standard, commonly found AR-15 upper receivers.  Based on feedback from military and law enforcement users, Colt realized that users prized the ability to swap out upper receivers with optics and lasers all part of the same system!  While other competing designs such as the FN SCAR allow swapping of barrel, and the potential of caliber conversion in the future, optics must be re-zeroed after each swap.  

Colt's design on the other hand, will allow for users to swap between the out of box .308 upper for standard or even piston 5.56 caliber uppers in the near future, when the conversion magazine block is released!

We only have a limited number of these available, right now, for the intro price of $2197... which is an amazing price for a versatile .308 caliber rifle! Give us a ring and get on the waiting list today!



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