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Date Posted: June 18, 2013
FNH FNX-45 Tactical
Blaine Chapman
The FNP-45 Tactical astounded us with its 15 round capacity, pre-milled slide, raised night sights and threaded barrel. Originally designed for the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program, the FNP-45 was a great pistol. Then she disappeared. For months we had clients asking us when we would see the FNP-45 again, but to no avail. Then the announcement came that we would not see the FNP-45 again, but the newly designed FNX-45 Tactical was on the way.

The new FNX-45 Tactical developed by FNH USA is built off that same dedication. The internals have been redesigned to handle a wider variety of .45 ACP for those who prefer a lighter +P round or a heavier grain bullet. The FNX has the same low bore axis that made the FNP one of the lightest recoiling .45 caliber pistols on the market. The aggressive checkering keeps the pistol still in your hand while you shoot, while being comfortable to hold. The FNX-45 Tactical has completely ambidextrous controls and allows the slide to be pulled to the rear while the safety is engaged, helping protect against accidental discharge when clearing the firearm. The cold hammer-forged, stainless steel barrel measures 5.3 inches and is one of the most accurate barrels you can buy in a production pistol. You will definitely go broke before you fire enough rounds to wear out this barrel. The thread pitch is .578x28 and with a wide range of pistons and adapters, we can make your suppressor, or future suppressor attach perfectly. Most notable the FNX-45 Tactical is pre-milled to receive a red dot sight. Not only did they save the you time, gunsmithing and possible warranty issues, FN has also included adapters for not only the Trijicon RMR, but the EoTech MRDS as well. With a red dot mounted on this pistol, target acquisition is a breeze. Stock Trijicon night sights have a 12 year half-life and are raised up to both co-witness with a mounted red dot as well as give you a sight picture above any suppressor you attach to it. It comes with three total magazine, two red dot adapters (Trijicon RMR and EoTech MRDS), and a case to hold it all.



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