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Date Posted: July 01, 2013
The Walther PPQ M2 Navy
Blaine Chapman
The pistol that shoots even when submerged!
The P99 RAD was developed in Poland by Radom, who changed the design of the P99’s grip. Around the same time the P99Q was introduced which stripped away many of the unnecessary features of the P99. Gone was the decocker and the double action pull, replaced with a half cocked striker, with a consistent pull on every shot. Out of these two iterations, the PPQ was born. Unlike it’s predecessors the PPQ utilizes a fully cocked striker, allowing the trigger to be lighter and faster. Due to this trigger design the PPQ was not released to German police who required a heavier pull and longer travel in their sidearms. The PPQ was instead released as a German Special Forces sidearm, since they were better trained and the lighter and quicker trigger was ideal. Also if special forces have drawn their sidearm, that means their primary is no longer functioning. We were able to bring in the PPQ before their departure from Smith and Wesson, and we loved it. Since Walther and Smith broke up we have been waiting for them to find an importer so we could get ahold of their firearms again. Finally we are seeing Walther pistols coming in from their very own Walther Arms importer.
However we have again seen a change in the Walther PPQ, most remarkably she features a standard button-style magazine release as opposed to the lever used in so many German pistols. This makes the new Walther PPQ M2 more accommodating to the American user. The Navy edition is nothing new to the PPQ M2, but this is the first time we have seen one first hand. The Navy features stronger springs with special guides to give the stiker enough force to move while submerged. This paired with a hole to allow water to drain out faster give the PPQ M2 Navy the ability to be fired in and around water. This being the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I am often near and around water and having a sidearm that can be right there with me is extremely important.



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