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Date Posted: September 19, 2013
Lantac USA Dragon DGN556B
Blaine Chapman
In the desire for more muzzle control, men have sought out bigger and better muzzle brakes. The consequence of this is a deafening roar that is an annoyance to all shooters around and a flash that will remove everything from your vision. In this arena men attempted to combine the flash hiders and muzzle brakes to a degree of success. However they were unable to completely remove the climb of the rifle. Some men decided to rise up and design a muzzle brake that would remove the concussive blast and redirect the flame so as to stay on target and not annoy every person in the vicinity.
We have had and tested plenty of muzzle devices at West Coast Armory and our decision usually ends up at either a muzzle brake if you need to fight recoil, or just use a flash hider to minimize the flame and not add a blasting thump to the experience. Then the thought process changed, companies tried to combine the flash hider and a muzzle brake into a sickly and anemic device that does neither job very well. Then PWS showed us that you could mitigate recoil, hide the flash, and not create a shockwave. That was not enough though, Lantac decided that they would rethink what was necessary to fight recoil. They designed the Dragon with the first section being the primary baffle to reduce recoil, the subsequent baffles to shorten the recoil distance, and the ports and crown to control the flash. All words we have heard before. However, something is different. I have never fired a rifle which did not move. As with all full auto tests we start with a few bursts, but after the first rounds land and I am still looking right at the target, I knew it was time to just dump the mag. Something changes when you have that much control. The world slows down. You watch as one by one each round hits the target. You notice the flame, but it is not in your way. The gun feels weightless as it sits in your hands, not moving. I have fired many firearms with many muzzle devices, but never has the rifle, not moved. More important was the feeling as I watched as others took their turn to experience the rifle. I was not blinking with each round as happens when the air blasts backwards from standard brakes. I was not thinking I should step to the side to avoid the thumping of each shot. I was standing behind the shooters, watching every move, as though they were shooting a .22LR.
This is a new experience. This is a device that makes a difference. More importantly, it has a truly cool name: the Lantac Dragon. It does not get much better than that!



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