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Date Posted: October 23, 2014
Sig 320 Vs. HK VP9
Blaine Chapman
With two of the biggest names in firearms releasing striker fired models, we had to sit down and compare both of them, and really determine if these are worthwhile upgrades, or just half hearted entries into the striker fired market.

Sig Sauer and Heckler and Koch, the two powerhouses from Germany. Each one defined by high quality and reliable firearms. Their newest models are both striker fired and released so close to one another that they must be reviewed in tandem.


Shooting a firearm may be the ultimate determinant of whether it fits you, but the initial holding of the firearm is tantamount to sitting in a new car. The VP9 features the same grip style as the P30 allowing for the side and back pieces to be switched with the included other pieces. It uses the P30 style magazines. The slide has pieces mounted to the sides towards the rear to assist with racking the slide. After just a short amount of time with the pistol it is clear these pieces are no gimmick. The VP9's trigger breaks nicely and has a pronounced reset. The HK VP9 is everything you love about the P30 with a striker fired trigger and a much easier to use slide. It has amazing accuracy that you have come to expect from HK.

The Sig Sauer P320 is designed with the serial number on the internal frame allowing the grip to be changed to either a compact or fullsize. The slide and barrel can also be switched allowing for both caliber and barrel length conversions. This interesting choice of serial location is Sig Sauer's answer to the question of a multi mission firearm. The P320 can be readily converted for a number of applications. Both the fullsize and the compact balance well in the hand. The trigger break is extremely crisp and the reset is in the perfect location.


Both pistols come either with nightsights or with contrast sights and both are priced very affordably.



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