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Date Posted: April 22, 2015
Glock 43 - Exactly What You Expect
Blaine Chapman
Glock fan's prayers have been answered as Glock has finally released a single stack 9mm to their lineup.

After being teased with the G42, Glock finally released a small, single stack 9mm pistol, and were met with a cacophony of praise. Physically, the pistol is only a little larger than the G42. It is definitely easier to carry concealed than the G26. it is perfectly designed for 9mm recoil control. It works every time, and it is what everyone has been waiting to receive.

If you are a Glock owner who has been waiting for the Glock 43 to be designed and released, chances are you are already on wish lists across the country, or have already purchased your new Glock 43. You have watched reviews and first impressions, and read every review you have found. Still some morbid curiosity forces you to continue reading reviews.

For everyone else, the Glock 43 is everything you expect it to be. Take the reliability of the Glock platform and apply it to the single stack 9mm category that has been blossoming wonderfuly in the past year. It has the same texture has the G42 and has a generation 4 style magazine release that is reversable and the classic Glock style sights and a trigger that only Glock can make. The G43 ships with an extended baseplate to make the pistol much more confortable for those with larger hands.

The recoil feels softer than the G42 and just as easy to keep the rounds on target during rapid fire. With summer coming around the corner this is going to be the new gun to carry with fewer coats and layers. The G43 will soon be almost as prevalent as the G19, and just as wonderful. When we start renting one, I can forsee that it will be nearly constantly rented.

The only negative to the G43 is the lack of excitement around it. In the current era of smaller, slimmer and easier to shoot 9mm pistols, a G43 is an expectation. They needed to design and release a slim 9mm to stay relavent in the modern concealed market. I should be excited about a new pistol; I should be excited about a new Glock; and I should feel like I need one. Yes, I will purchase one; yes, I will carry one and yes, it will be an amazing pistol.

But, it's a single stack 9mm Glock; reliable, accurate, easy to shoot, and exactly what you expect.



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