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Date Posted: January 21, 2020
A champion comes to teach.
Lance Kilgore
Learn from the best! Christian Sailer is the first person to win all 8 USPSA area matches as well as Nationals, all at the age of 19.
Christian Sailer is a 19-year-old competitive shooter from Bellevue, Washington.  He is a full-time student at the University of Washington pursuing a Business degree.  He picked up his first gun in 2013 and shot his first USPSA competition in 2014.  His love and passion for the sport has only grown throughout his career.  In 2019, Sailer made history by becoming the first to win all 8 USPSA Area Matches across the country and also win the USPSA Open National Championship in the same year.  At 19, he is the youngest USPSA National Championship in the history of the sport and has no plans of slowing down.  At the end of 2019, Sailer qualified and was selected to represent the United States on the Men’s Open Division Team at the 2020 IPSC World Championship in Pattaya City, Thailand.
He feels extremely grateful to have been raised by supportive parents and grow up in a strong shooting community.  He is honored to have the privilege to train at the premier facility in the area, Bellevue Gun Club. 
Introduction to Competitive Shooting by Christian Sailer is a comprehensive class on the fundamental techniques of competition shooting.   The class will begin with a complete rundown of pistol fundamentals and the techniques to master and apply in competitive shooting.  Drills will follow with the goal of isolating individual skills and mastering the art of high-speed marksmanship.  Focus will then shift from pistol shooting techniques to pistol manipulation techniques such as draws and reloads. 
Target transitions and scaling concepts will be covered, and drills run to advance the concept of efficiency being paramount.  Movement techniques, notably entering/exiting positions will be drilled.  The remaining balance of class time will be used to field questions and provide the students with homework/drills to further reinforce these concepts.



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