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Date Posted: May 19, 2022
CLASS REVIEW: Ladies Defensive Handgun
Terrie Maskill
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March 2, 2021

- "I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for this last Friday’s Ladies Defensive Handgun course with Julia and Colleen. This is my third class with these two amazing ladies … who keep me coming back for more! After my rave reviews to my friend (who lives in Boise) over the first two courses I had taken, she decided to join me at this most recent offering.  I can honestly say, none of the classes available in the Boise area have the same unique feel and style as these ladies offer.  My friend will be back to join me again.

The environment Julia and Colleen are able to create in the classroom and on the range is so conducive to learning … empowering and fun, without ego or judgement, making learning and understanding all that much easier and comfortable. Thank you so very much for continuing to offer such high quality programs for the ladies in our area.  We are hopeful you will continue as I’m hoping there will be another more advanced version of this latest course.

BTW, if at all a possibility, is there a way to offer more dates and availability for the other Ladies classes?  I have several friends who are interested in signing up, but the women’s classes are always so full and booked out so far in advance.  I finally got two more friends signed up for the Ladies Handgun Fundamentals (in April).  They are SO excited!"


- "I truly am inspired by these two ladies … and your facility.  I’m loving/appreciating gun ownership so much.  I have posted a review on Yelp as well."



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