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HK VP9SK 9mm Grey
Frame 10 Round
Compact Pistol
HK VP9SK 9mm Grey Frame 10 Round Compact Pistol

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On sale is the: Grey Frame H&K VP9SK 9mm pistol. A couple of years ago, the respected German gunmaker uncharacteristically offered a new full-size, polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol, the VP9, and the follow-up gun was introduced at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nev. It is a shorter, lighter and more compact version of the VP9, as well as a model well-suited for concealed carry. The VP9SK uses a molded polymer receiver and steel upper. It is chambered for the world’s most popular pistol cartridge, the 9 mm Luger, in both regular and +P loadings. Standard SK magazines hold 10 cartridges in a staggered-column arrangement.Like the modern service pistols of most makes, the trigger system offers consistent weight and travel with every pull. Operational controls are a bilateral slide lock/release and H&K’s trademark bilateral magazine release—paddles that conform to the lower rear edge of the trigger guard. The SK’s dimensions are 6.61" in length by 4.57" in height by 1.31" in thickness, compared to the 7.34"x5.41"x1.31" dimensions of the original VP9. The new SK weighs 23.1 ozs., down from the 26.6 ozs. of its forebear.MFG MDL #: 81000099
HK VP9SK 9mm Grey Frame 10 Round Compact Pistol
Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch
Grey Frame H&K VP9SK 9mm pistol is on sale while supplies last.
BEFORE: $719.00
SAVE: $169.01



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