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HVT-QD -Sold Out-
HVT-QD -Sold Out-

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A short, efficient suppressor for rifles chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and .30 caliber cartridges of similar case capacity, the Gemtech HVT sets the bar for endurance and reliability. It is offered in either threadmount or maintenance-free Quickmount fast attach configurations. The HVT has an unusually quiet sound signature that is indistinguishable from, and masked by, the bullet flight noise, making it ideal for both urban and rural tactical operations.

Recoil and visual signature (flash, dust) are reduced greatly along with the audible signature. With our high-accuracy / low-blowback baffle design that the U.S. Navy deemed "highly favorable" in limiting rate-of-fire increase, the HVT makes for an excellent choice on automatic rifles as well as bolt-action precision rifles.

The Gemtech Quickmount attachment system permits consistent mounting with repeatable accuracy. The male mount is torqued into position over a threaded barrel to assure utmost accuracy, and the suppressor affixes over with a simple, one-handed movement with no gates, latches, or threads to stick or fumble. It's either on, or it's off. There are no "Is it on where it should be?" questions with the Quickmount.

While the Quickmount retains backward compatibility with the original Bi-Lock flash hider mounting system, the mount has been totally re-designed for limited or no maintenance.

Quickmounts are available in flash hider style to fit factory threading on M1A/M14, Mk17, AR10, AK47, and other AR-type automatic rifles, or in a tensioning back-over-barrel mount for bolt action rifles. Thread Mounting units are available in 5/8-24 or M18x1 configurations.


Bi-lock flashhider mounts are torqued into position on the host rifle's threaded barrel to assure utmost accuracy. The suppressor comes with one Bi-lock: additional Bi-Lock mounts are available so the HVT suppressor may be used with multiple .30 caliber rifles.

The phantom style flash hider bi-lock mount provides outstanding flash suppression and is most popular on semi-automatic tactical rifles. Mounts are threaded 5/8-24, 18x1 (SAKO, BLASER), 1/2-28 (DS ARMS OSW, some 6.8SPC carbines), 14x1LH (AK47) 15x1RH (HK), 9/16-24 LH (FAL). Also available is a Phantom style flash hider mount specifically for the M1A/M14 rifle in .595x32.

The barrel tensioning style bi-lock mount telescopes back over a specially profiled barrel to tension the critical distal 2 inches of the barrel against a square shoulder to provide utmost accuracy. This is the most compact mount, with the crown at the far end of the bi-lock. Muzzle tensioning is a proven accuracy enhancing technique. Mounts are threaded 5/8-24.

HVT-QD -Sold Out-
Manufacturer: Gemtech
  • Caliber: .308 or .300WM (7.62MM NATO)
  • Overall Length: 9.2"
  • Diameter: 1.5"
  • Weight: 28 OZ
  • Materials: Welded Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Optically Flat Black Oxide
  • Threads: 5/8-24 (2A)
PRICE: $875.00



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